Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hear 'N Aid

Having grown up without cable tv, I was forced to surf between 10 or 11 channels. I was denied the pleasures of MTV and VH1...until now. I have fallen in love with VH1 Classic, probably my 3rd favorite channel, following ESPN and FSN-Wisconsin.
All weekend, they've been showing "80 Hours of the '80s" for the Labor Day holiday weekend, everything from Lita Ford to Metallica, David Bowie to Michael Jackson. My favorite video so far has been this video from the early summer of blows "We Are The World" out of the water.
Ronnie James Dio is my hero...all 5'4'' of him!

Best part of the video? The fact that Michael McKean and Harry Shearer joined the group - better known to most as David St. Hubbins and Derek Smalls of "Spinal Tap" - makes this the best metal video ever...well, maybe not as good as Killswitch's video for Dio's "Holy Diver".

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