Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life Before The Strike #11

Today we're going to have a look at a few more interesting cards I found during my rummaging today...

1992 Pinnacle #617 Ryne Sandberg TECH
I'd never seen these cards before, pretty interesting. This one breaks down the proper position for an infield player to field a ground ball.
1. Head up - clearly, the player has to see the ball.
2. Two Hands - something we were taught during our first year of tee ball.
3. Arms relaxed - many times a ground ball may take a funny hop, the arms need to be relaxed to compensate for unexpected ball movement.
4. Knees bent - allows for quicker lateral movement, and conveniently places the glove closer to the ground.
1994 UD Collector's Choice #40 Jack Armstrong
This card is badass for two reasons - A) It incorporates the classic, original teal color the team clearly needs to bring back, and 2) I appreciate any baseball card that illustrates the player's name. For example, any Dennis Cook card should have shown him in his kitchen...or at least pouring some Gatorade for someone in the dugout, or serving up some seeds in the bullpen. The perfect photo was chosen for this card.
1992 Bicycle Major League Baseball Rookies Pat Listach
Former A.L. Rookie of the Year in his most distinguished card of his career...why the Joker, though? I would have made Listach and Karros the Hearts and Diamonds Aces...perhaps that's why I don't design playing cards.
1992 Pinnacle #602 Eric Davis
When I was collecting cards in my younger years, not once did I open a pack of '92 Pinnacle and find a cool as hell Shades card in it. 16 years later, my wish has finally been granted. I hope that box of '92 Pinnacle has some more packs full of Idols or Shades cards left in it...
1995 Topps Stadium Club #343 Jaime Navarro
Not An '82 photo of Yount riding around on a Harley, but this will do for now. If I am correct, there aren't any "Yount-on-a-Harley" or "Yount-on-a-Honda Xr500" cards out there, but there is his Sidelines card from the '92 Pinnacle set of him on a dirt bike. If anyone knows of any card showing Yount on the Harley in '82, please let me know...
On the back of this card they introduce the "Topps Skills Rating System", in which they rate a player's abilities on a scale of 1-10. In Navarro's case, he has a 7.5 Velocity, 7.9 Control, 5.3 in "holding runners", and 7.1 Stamina...even though his ERA coming out of the bullpen was nearly 3 points lower than his ERA as a starter. Perhaps they hadn't perfected their rating system yet.

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