Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Life Before The Strike #9

Today I opened up the wax box of '90 Fleer is the best pack of the box. Had I opened this pack in 1990, I wouldn't have been as enthusiastic about its results. We all know the saying about hindsight, though...
#518 Randy Johnson
Only his fourth year in the majors, he is shown sporting a rather modest we all know, it would later get out of control.
#420 Ken Griffey
I had to check the back of this card because he looks so much like Jr. in this photo...sort of a mixup of past/present, senior/junior teams-played-for moment...#358 Pascual Perez
#531 Scott Fletcher
#370 Randy Bush
#60 Craig Lefferts
#178 Kevin Hickey

#6 Dennis Eckersley
How do you follow up a season in which you had a 1.56 ERA? By growing a rather respectable mullet, that's how!
#461 Barry Bonds*
Already 3 soon to be "Hall of Famers" in the pack, I smiled when I saw this card...hence the asterisk. Man, he looks so small in this photo. I think the '87 Topps Bonds* card is the most telling, though.
#271 Roger Clemens
Alright, the irony is getting unbearable. How fitting that Bonds* and Clemens would be in the same pack of cards. Thank you Fleer for your wit-filled foresight.
#561 Ken Howell
#444 Mel Hall
#549 Bobby Thigpen
#237 Mike Scott
#400 Jay Howell
#601 Brian Dubois

And of course, the highlight of the '90 Fleer series, the stickers!
...Complete with rather thoughtful instructions, obviously aimed at either the younger, or mentally-challenged market share...

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