Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life Before The Strike #6

I recently made a trade with Rick from Oregon. I helped him with his collection, and he helped me with my Brewers collection - past and present players. I'm anxiously awaiting my cards to arrive from my trade with Capewood, so until those arrive...

2004 Topps Cracker Jack #93 Jason Kendall
Love the series, and in my opinion, the single greatest decision the Milwaukee Brewers have made in the past 2 years was signing Jason to a 1-year deal last off-season. Thankfully, a clause in his contract states that should he play 110 games this season (120 so far, and counting) he will automatically be signed for the '09 campaign. Well done, management.
1999 Fleer Ultra #76 Marquis Grissom
I have three baseballs from MLB games in my collection. The first is from a 1987 game in Minneapolis between the Twins and Brewers. During warmups, my father yelled "Hey, Paulie!" to the one and only Paul Molitor, and he threw us a ball. The second is from 1999, again at the Dome in Mpls, and during the Brewers batting practice Grissom hit a homer to the stands in left, just where I was sitting. The third, of course, is an autographed Robin Yount ball.

1999 Just Memorabilia #102 Gabe Kapler
Not his rookie, but pretty close. Love this card with him in a Toledo Mud Hens uniform. Jamie Farr would be quite proud of Gabe in this photo. Another great move by the Brewers to grab him while he was managing in the Red Sox farm system.
1991 Score #248 Rob Deer
A well-known memory from my childhood, Rob Deer was a Brewers staple for me. This card is from his "career" season of '91...not only did he lead the league in strikeouts that year (175, still a record if I think) but he batted below the Mendoza Line, with a season batting average of .179 . What a season, Rob.
1995 Fleer Ultra #65 John Jaha
Tied for #448 on the all-time HR list, Jaha enjoyed a number of seasons with the Brewers, but was often on the DL. By far the ugliest and least popular uniforms in team history, they still conjur up memories of losing seasons, year after year.
1980 Topps #24 Jim Slaton
Jim got the win for game 4 of the '82 World Series...perhaps it was the power of the stache.
1992 Upper Deck #775 Pat Listach RC
I had this card as a kid, and I'm sure it's still buried in stacks of boxes in my parent's basement in Wisconsin. I remember treasuring it, because my folks were so cheap all they bought us was Topps or Donruss, never the expensive Upper Deck cards. Well done, Rick. Great card.

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