Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gotta love advertising...

Just as I do for the Brewers at, I follow the Packers latest news via their local newspaper site, the Green Bay Press-Gazette (.com).

I was reading about how my fantasy football kicker Mason Crosby has the job again for the Pack, and how the defensive pass rush lacks luster, and my attention was suddenly drawn to the right side of the screen at a flashing advertisement. It said "Oval Office"...with what seemed to be a Presidential seal...was the office of the President advertising on my football team's beat reporting website?

Nope...I was surprised to find myself a click away from this...

Thanks alot, Green Bay Press-Gazette. Let's hear it for standards in advertising!! I'm sure you could have contacted Kuehn Printing, Fish Window Cleaning, Nature's Way Tissue Corp, or at least Shefchick Wholesale Supply with the opportunity of advertising on your fine website. Nope. You figured that middle-aged, overweight, beer-drinking Packers fans would prefer an ad from a "gentlemen's club". Crazy folks, you!

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