Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life Before The Strike #4

Inspired by Thorzul's recent post of C.C. Sabathia cards, I decided to share some of my own that I've acquired since the Crew has acquired him. At the time of this publishing, he is 8-0 as a Brewer with 5 complete games, and an ERA of 1.60.

2003 Topps 205 Polar Bear Triple Folder #89
What a great card...I had some of these in the late '90's. I just can't get over the old-school 'ness of this card.
On the back is the explanation of why he is pictured with then-Tiger Dmitri Young...apparently they "made up" at the All-Star game.

2002 UD Return of the Ace #11
Only his second year in the majors, this card addresses the great 17-5 rookie season he enjoyed in Cleveland.

2002 Flear Flair #53
A very powerful photo behind the photo...he looked about 30 lbs. thinner back then...

2004 UD MVP #59
MVP season? Well, in '03 he was a member of the AL All-Star Team.

2004 Upper Deck SP Prospects #69
Following a 13-9 season in '03, C.C. still garnered enough respect to be honored w/ this red holo card from UD. He would go on to a 11-10 season in '04. But no worries, he was not done quite yet...
2006 Bowman Heritage #166
Love the series, can't complain about this Sabathia card...

2007 Bowman #97
Here we can see he is finally approaching the physical status of "Baloo" from The Jungle Book. Almost time to become a Milwaukee Brewer.

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