Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Before The Strike #7

My trade with Capewood arrived today, so let's dig in to some of the highlights...

2008 Topps Chrome Xfractor #11 Yovani Gallardo
This is the cornerstone of the trade, going card-for-card for a Hunter Pence card that he was interested in. Regardless of price-guide value, I still love how cards can mean nothing to one person but a great deal to someone else. I once traded a '93 Triple Play Nicknames #1 Frank Thomas for the inaugural season team set of the Florida the time, my 6th grade Math teacher thought he was ripping me off...but now my cards are worth more than his "Big Hurt".
...And here's the Refractor card of the same set...
2001 Topps Stadium Club #180 Ben Sheets RC
This is my favorite card of the trade - my first Ben Sheets rookie. He led Team USA to a Gold Medal finish at the olympic games in Sydney, pitching a 3-hit, complete game shutout in the gold medal game.
2001 Topps #767 Milwaukee Brewers Team
Pictured is the '00 team, the final team to play at beloved County Stadium. Not a single player in this photo is still with the team, but my favorite is Jamie Navarro. Never of Cy Young material, interesting fact about Navarro: his first career win was lost by 11th inning reliever Mark Knudson, who gave up 6 runs in the inning...Navarro is credited with the first win at the Ballpark in Arlington.
2001 Fleer E-X #77 Geoff Jenkings
Quite an interesting series of far, the thickest card in the trade. This card is constructed in layers, with the Brewers logo printed on the glitter background, and all other pictures printed on the very top layer...pretty neat.
2001 Topps Heritage #272 Jeff D'amico
In 2000, he was contending for the NL ERA title...but needed only a few more innings. However, by gaining the few innings he needed, he gave up enough earned runs to lose the ERA title...he finished 3rd in the standings behind Kevin Brown and Randy Johnson.
Thanks, Capewood, for the trade. If anyone else is interested, just let me know!

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capewood said...

I'm glad you liked the cards. I'll have a post up later in the week featuring what you sent me. I went from needing 101 1987 Topps cards to needing 33 within a week of posting the want list on my blog thanks to you and another guy.