Friday, August 15, 2008

Two rednecks meet on a country road... the middle of a hot summer day. One guy is carrying a huge bag with the word "Chikuns" on the side in big, black letters.
"Chickens, huh?" says the second man, feeling the rumbling in his stomach. "Hey, sposin' I guess how many chickens you got in that there bag, you give me one?"
"Hell" said the first man. "You guess right, and I'll give you both of em."

Now, I love the South. I lived in South Carolina for 4 years...but there's something to be said for being educated north of the Mason-Dixon line. Take geography, for example...and this recent conflict over in eastern Europe between Georgia and Russia. It's understandable for a person of average, high school level intelligience to not know where this region of the world is on a map. In middle school we used to have to fully label a blank map of europe/asia/central america, for example. This was in social studies. Of course, it was easier in elementary school because you could just write "U.S.S.R." on almost 1/2 of the eastern hemisphere and still recieve a passing grade.
These days it's a little different, though. Many more areas that were part of the former Soviet Union are their own countries, now...which apparently confused one person south of the Mason-Dixon line.

This woman was obviously referring to the news she'd recieved on her television about the fighting over in Eastern Europe. Didn't she see the map they put up on the screen accompanying the story? It probably looked something like this...

Wait a second...where is Florida? And where is this Black Sea on the map, I thought we were on the Atlantic Ocean? This map clashed greatly with the map she had in her head, the one she remembered from high school...

So she figured the news lady was probably wrong, and the Russians were in her backyard. So, she decided to go to the Yahoo! wizards for her answer.

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