Monday, September 1, 2008

Hippie Coast is el Stinko.

This morning I had every intention of sleeping in on my day off, waking up with enough time to run to the store for my first 6-pack of some local micro-brew's attempt at an Octoberfest beer (after all, it's been 60 degrees or lower for the past 5 days and officially too cold for summer ales). I say attempt because hard as I may try, I've been unable to find a fall seasonal that tops Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest. Editor's side note: Editor's excitement is building as he anticipates his upcoming wedding and honeymoon in 3 weeks, during which he will be able to enjoy all the Leinie's he desires...

Having been stationed on either the East Coast ('03-'07) or the West Coast ('07-present), I've been unable to enjoy my favorite hand-crafted beers. It was only until after I left Charleston last year that Leinie's made it's way down in the form of 6-packs at the grocery store. I will admit though, there is one source of Leinie's here in Seattle, but it's at a Minnesotan-owned pizza pub north of the city, quite out of the way...and they only carry it seasonally, i.e. if it's june or july, they have Honey Weiss. That's it. Way to go, guys. I will say this though, they will never run out of Schlitz or PBR.

My main complaint about the West Coast (or as I like to call it, the Hippie Coast) is the television schedule. I never appreciated how perfectly-timed all programming is when you live in Wisconsin, or the Central Time Zone. Monday Night Football starts at 8pm, over by 11. Sunday football games start at noon and 3. Baseball games start at 1pm for day games, or 7pm for night games. How perfect is that!

Perhaps it's my desire to follow my Brewers, Packers, and Badgers while living away from Wisconsin that creates this discontent and frustration. Today's Brewers game starts at 11am...who watches baseball at 11am?? My lone comfort is found in the fact that it's noon in Wisconsin, which means I can open a beer. Night games are worse, I have to rush home from work to catch opening pitch at 4pm. I suppose I could shell out the extra $10/month for DVR, but when I am forced to pay $150 every summer to have the ability to watch all my Brewers games, $10 more is seemingly too much.

The worst part is when it comes to football. I've had to modify my entire relationship with God and worship schedule around the Packers schedule. If the Packers play the early game, I have to go to Mass saturday night, because the early game on Sunday starts at 10am. If they play the afternoon game, I can go to Mass sunday morning before the game starts at 1pm. Now, to be fair, God is a Packers fan and he understands my frustration. He's got NFL Sunday Ticket AND Tevo, though, so He never misses a snap.
To be fair though, living out West affords me two fine opportunities...I am able to watch the ENTIRE Monday Night Football game every single week, and I can watch the entire Football Night in America show on Sunday nights as well. I will miss that. Before moving out to Seattle, I don't remember the last time I was able to finish an entire MNF game.

There, that killed an hour. It's 10am now, and almost game time for the Brewers. Woo Hoo!!!

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