Friday, February 20, 2009

Trade with I Heart Halos

What started out as a simple "my guys for your guys" trade turned into quite a score. Not only did Ryan send me a nice lot of Brewers cards, he also was kind enough to send me a stack of cards from my '87 Topps wantlist, and he did so unannounced and unsolicited. Thanks, Ryan.

Here are some of the Brewers cards he sent me. I must say, also, that of all the cards he sent me, only 3 were already in my collection. Sweet!

2007 Topps Finest #144 Vinny Rottino RC (#'d 189/399)

Some guys catch all the breaks (Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder) showing nothing but potential and producing results in a farm system, immediately catching the attention of the front office, and are able to fill spots in the big league club's lineup right away.  Other guys, like Vinny Rottino, unfortunately find themselves in a tough spot: all the skill, talent, and ability in the world, but his position is quite amply filled on the big league roster. He and Tony Gwynn Jr. are in the same boat. Only CF will open up AFTER this season is over, because Ryan Braun and Corey Hart are here for a while, and are doing quite well. After the Brewers signed Trevor Hoffman in the offseason, Vinny was DFA and accepted a AAA assignment in Nashville.  I just sent Vinny a couple cards at Spring Training, I just wish this had been one of them!

2007 SP Authentic Speed #AS-41 Rickie Weeks

I always love me some Rickie Weeks cards. Of all the current Brewers, for whatever reason, I have the most of his cards. I like him, just wish he performed better. Hopefully this year he will.

Milwaukee has been a franchise lost in mediocrity (and more often than not, just bad baseball) amid the sea of huge media markets and even larger team payrolls. Over the years, though, the Brewers have always had a way of milking their farm system for all its worth. And, as a result, have enjoyed those 1 or 2 "marquee" players who have helped the franchise weather the storm. Enter Greg Vaughn, who played through the club's minor league system, broke through into The Show, blasted a bunch of home runs, and just this past couple months found himself for the first time on the Hall of Fame ballot. Next, we have Jeff Cirillo, who found his MLB legs in a Brewers uniform, played for a couple other clubs, came back to Milwaukee, played for a couple more clubs, and was last seen as a broadcaster on FSN-Wisconsin's coverage of the Brewers games. Nothing spectacular, but better than Harold Reynolds. Oh, don't get me started....ok.  Finally, we have Geoff Jenkins. During the most recent dark ages of Brewers baseball, Jenkins carried the franchise. He always put up good numbers, became the face of Milwaukee baseball, and found his way to #2 on the Brewers all-time HR list, behind the one and only Robin Yount. I'm glad for him that he finally got to the World Series, and has a ring with the Phillies. You're welcome, Cliff.

2006 Upper Deck #1106 Laynce Nix

Nix is a great ballplayer, who didn't do enough with the opportunity in The Show that was given to him. Injuries don't help either, and unfortunatly for him he's been the victim of a few in his career. He signed a AAA contract w/ the Reds this offseason. He and Gabe Kapler were guys last year that were the serious physical specimens in the dugout. The guy is jacked.

2005 Topps Rookie Cup #68 Gary Sheffield

The nephew of former big-league pitcher Doc Gooden, Sheffield is a true product of the farm system, playing for all the minor league levels in the Milwaukee organization prior to hitting the big league. At one time, he accused the Milwaukee brass of racism because although he was always a formidable hitter, his defensive placement was always a challenge for the Brewers who had lots of talent on the field. Sadly, I won't be surprised when his name is listed in the annals of baseball lore as a juicer. It's a shame though, because the guy had some killer raw talent back in the day.

Last, but certainly not least, I'll finish up with a trio of Prince Fielder cards he sent me. Thanks again, Ryan.

By the way, if you're the one who keeps outbidding me EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to buy the Ryan Braun Lucky 13 card on eBay, please STOP!!!!  Thank you.

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RWH said...

I was hoping I could find a few cards that aren't already in your collection, so I'm glad it worked out. Thanks again for the Angels cards.