Monday, February 9, 2009

Cartoons aren't just for Saturday morning

I just received a whole mess of Brewers cards from Spiff over at Texas Rangers Cards, and I assure him that his Rangers cards will be on the way shortly, just a bit behind on this side of the country. In breaking the '09 Topps box and dealing w/ the Topps folks on the phone in an attempt to get the cards from them that I was promised, I've fallen behind in posting. The only cards I had scanned and ready to go were these...I appologize ahead of time.

At some point last year i bought one of those repack boxes from Target, something like 30 packs of cards for $15 or so. Most of it, as I could tell through the clear, plastic case, was '88 and '89 topps wax, but there were a few of the '07 packs facing out, I suppose in an attempt to make the bundle of joy look that much more appealing. I just got back into cards last year, so there were absolutely zero '07 cards in my collection. I jumped on the opportunity. And since A Pack A Day has ignored my numerous requests at becoming a contributor, I have decided to just share those cards here. Most of the cards have found their way into my various sets already, or found their way to various homes across the country. I will share with you the last remaining "pack" that is together.

1992 Confex Baseball Enquirer I remember having one of these cards when I was a kid, but I think I got it in a bulk trade with a friend because I never bought a pack of these. It'd be interesting to see which one I had, hopefully it was the Bob Uecker card! Well, in case you haven't seen these before, they have a cartoon image of some anonymous baseball player, no team logo or names included (these were not MLB licensed, by the way). On the back was an interview that the Baseball Enquirer conducted with the pictured player, most often about some embarassing drug problem, behavioral excentricity, or play on words with their name. Here are a few from the pack I opened...

#1 Bo Jackson
Bo knows baseball...Bo knows football...Bo knows reading? When I was a kid I received Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine, and they used to have a pullout, foldout poster in each issue. I used to have the one w/ Bo Jackson on my wall, and the heading was "Readers have Clout". I didn't know what "clout" meant, and never bothered to ask my folks either. I just let the word confuse me, and wondered what it had to do with baseball. It wasn't until after watching the movie "The Sandlot" a million times that the reference (applied to the Babe) "The colossus of clout" struck me. Didn't help, but there was that word again.

By the way, Bo has a 165 average and bowls for "Guido's Auto Body".

#41 Chris Sabo
Maybe it was the Lakers dynasty that helped me fall in love with the Rec Specs - Kareem Abdul-Jabaar wore those things like a pro. I played baseketball when I was a kid, and I remember playing against some team in western Wisconsin that had a kid wearing these. As far as I recall, they didn't give him superpowers, as I was sure they gave Kareem.

I heart Google.

#25 George Brett
Perhaps the greatest emotional outburst in professional sports history. Pure emotion, cleary not premeditated, just raw emotion. The 'foreign substance' rule in baseball is still ambiguous and/or loosely enforced, because I see guys all the time with a whole bunch of crud on their bats that shouldn't be there, clearly more than the specified number of inches from the butt.

#29 Ozzie Smith

You see, the word "ouch!" on his hat is upside down, because he was always doing flips, so it would be...okay, nice and clever. Fuad from Family Guy comes to mind - "Is funny because is true".


Motherscratcher said...

I've never seen these cards before. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few packs to open. They're different. Kind of interesting.

Oh, and, "clout". I'm not %100 sure what it is exactly but I'm pretty sure that penecillin would clear it right up in no time.

Spiff said...

Glad you got the cards ok. Hope there's a few you can use in there. Thanks for the trade!