Monday, February 9, 2009

On The Docket: Dubbs vs. Topps, case # 9-020909

In the unlikely event that you've been following this blog (well, at least for the past week) you'll know I got royally hosed by the folks at Topps. Well, they will rue the day they crossed my path.

I finally got ahold of someone and found out options on how to get back the cards that I am owed. Simply write a letter explaining the situation, and include the serial number from the box along with the original sales receipt. 

Here's the letter I wrote (click to make bigger)
I will be sure to post any follow-up correspondence I receive from Topps. I was told to expect my cards within 2-4 business weeks, whatever that means. If it has anything to do with their redemption card response time, I may have already purchased a hobby box of '10 Topps Series 1 cards. 

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