Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th indeed...

Brewers 3rd baseman Bill Hall sidelined 4-6 weeks with a partial calf tear.

Apparently he heard a "pop" in his calf while he was doing some pre-camp workouts. That's right, Spring Training hasn't even started for Billy yet. It won't start until this weekend. Well, kinda. He won't be playing or running too much with the fellas.

So, I guess the re-signing of Craig Counsel was a great idea. As was the signing of free agent Mike Lamb (thank you Minnesota) both lefties. Then of course is my boy, prospect Mat Gamel who will most likely not be the day-to-day guy in BillHall's place, he's going to spend some more time in AAA Nashville.

So I guess today couldn't have gone too much worse. I mean, it's almost midnight Central time, so unless something happens in the next hour the Brewers made it through Friday the 13th with relatively minor damage. 

Plane ticket to spring training in Phoenix: $217.00
Tickets to the Brewers spring training opener against Oakland: $21.00
Underachieving third baseman in 3rd year of big contract: $6.8 million
Losing your starting 3rd baseman before spring training even starts: priceless

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