Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Topps Hobby Box Break #2

Alright, I've calmed down now.  My recent rage over yesterday's unfortunate break of the much anticipated hobby box of '09 Topps has subsided, and I've decided to channel my emotions into a calm and collected letter to the folks at Topps.  Well, just until Monday when their office is open again and I can actually speak with someone that will (I'm certain) address my concerns.

Anyhow, back to the box break. After kicking off the weekend last night w/ the opening of all 36 packs, the results are as follows:
  • 248 base commons
  • 36 crappy Toppstown cards
  • 9 Turkey Red cards
  • 8 Ring of Honor cards
  • 5 Legends of the Game cards
  • 5 numbered gold parallels
  • 4 Topps Attax cards
  • 1 short print variation card
  • ***ZERO Relic / Auto cards***
  • ***ZERO World Baseball Classic redemption cards***
As the wife puts it, I got "effin gyped".  I should count my blessings, perhaps. I pulled 5 numbered gold parallels instead of 4. And in speaking with the Topps folks on the phone last night, they assured me that on my deathbed I will receive total consciousness. So I got that goin for me. Which is nice. 

Okay, so onto the cards. As I've mentioned before I'm attempting (key word) to spend less money on baseball cards this year, so we're going to stretch this box out. That means, 2 packs at a time.

PACKs 1 - 2

Nothing spectacular here, but I did get one card that will be going out in the mail to Phoenix AZ for some spring training TTM action...

#108 Alcides Escobar RC

Whenever the Brewers decide that Rickie Weeks isn't worth his paycheck, they will shuffle around the infield a bit, and either this guy or Hernan Irrabaren will come up to take Weeks' place.  Don't look to see this guy before Mat Gamel though, who will most likely be called up once again this year to fill in for a slumping Bill Hall.  You could see Escobar, but it will be Irrabaren that get's the call to give Weeks a game or two off.

#142 Brad Penny
#315 Hiroki Kuroda
#313 Jamey Carroll
#167 Aaron Harang
#245 Pat Burrell

He's in a Phil's uniform, but that's okay - I'm sure he'll have just as much fun in Tampa Bay playing for the Devil Rays as their DH. I have much respect for this guy after he hit 2 HRs and slugged .750 against my Brewers in the '08 NLDS.

#58 Travis Snider RC
#25 Jon Lester
#TR21 Garret Andersen 
#145 Alex Gordon

I'm glad the Royals went back to the cooler-than-ice baby blue alternates last year, they make for much better photos and take fans' minds off of the fact that they didn't get a new ballpark, just renovations to make the "couple times a year" fans think they had.  Interesting on the back: the "Six Degrees of Mickey Mantle" (which I've noticed on a bunch of cards so far):  "Gordon was a 1st-rounder from the Univ. of Nebraska as was Darin Erstad who plays with Miguel Tejada who played with Tim Raines who played with Stan Bahnsen who played with Mickey Mantle". Cool. 

#237 Aaron Cunningham
#156 Carlos Pena
#8 Terry Francona (no mouth full of chaw)
Topps Attax!
#53 Jonathan Sanchez
#14 Jon Rauch

There are some great photos in this set, and some even greater photos of players with tattoos. I've seen two different Josh Hamilton cards so far, and one of them w/ Saltalamachia shows his kickass tats.  But back to Rauch. Like him better w/ short (or no) hair, and you can see his neck tat. He's got roman numerals going down his back that mark his wedding day, along with a few other sick ink action. I can't wait to share the Hamilton card with you.

#130 Vladimir Guerrero
#97 Willie Harris
#274 Alex Hinshaw - who, apparently "...vaporized Big League lefty batters by fanning 30% of those he faced".  Kudos, Alex.

So that's the first couple of packs. Mother, sorry I didn't show you the one Tribesman in this group, but I'll make sure I include some more in the future, and perhaps a card or two involving a young mister Garko and Sizemore?


steveisjewish said...

Hey - I know they are a crappy 1 per pack insert, but I'd be willing to trade for some of the topps towns that you are willing to spare. I know i can help you quite a bit on your 87/89 topps sets - let me know or drop me line @ The Easy life (

dinged corners said...

Among the worst words in the English Card Language are: "on average." [shiver]