Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Topps Hobby Box Break #4

PACKs 5-6

#240 Ryan Braun
I heart Ryan Braun. I'm pretty sure if I was a girl, I would have already sent a few pairs of panties to him. I don't suppose it's an official "Bromance", because in a bromance both parties share a mutual affection for eachother. Perhaps, then, we can call it a "mancrush". Yep, let's go with that. And if my wife asks you where my missing boxer briefs are, your response will be "sorry, no idea".

#160 Evan Longoria, #TR2 Longoria Turkey Red

Love me some Longoria. Besides Joey Mauer, he's probably my favorite ball player that doesn't wear a Brewers uniform.

#50 David Ortiz

In a 3-year period this guy had 424 RBIs. If we expand that out a year on each end, he had 642 RBIs. I wish the Brewers could count that high.  I really hope, for Red Sox Nation's sake, that he isn't one of the 102 remaining un-named players on the list. I still have some sort of hope that real men (like Braun, Longoria) do exist, and can still play the game of baseball to an amazing level without the aid of performance-enhancing drugs. 

#141 Mark Teahen
#183 Jason Michaels
#321 Scott Kazmir & David Price Classic Combos
#163 Ross Gload (what? 2 Royals in the same pack? Topps, you've outdone yourselves.)
#133 Brandon Jones

#6 Raul Ibanez

I'm glad that he's no longer playing for the M's. In the event that we are still stationed here when the baseball season starts, I must continue to get my life juice from either Safeco Field here in Seattle, or at the Tacoma Rainiers games (the Mariners' AAA affiliate). It's really annoying at the M's games because they only cheer for Felix (if he's pitching), Ichiro (if he's batting) or Raul Ibanez. And it's not a fun sort of cheer, like when the Cowboys used to have Daryl Johnston as their fullback and everyone used to yell "Moooooooooose", causing all the women (no offense) in attendance to turn to their husbands and ask "Why are they booing him? He's on their team!". Yep, been there. Instead, the thundering "Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuul" echoes up and out of Safeco and out on to Puget Sound. Good times.

#30 Ken Griffey Jr.

Speaking of the Mariners, how about this story? They really need to bring Griffey back, even if it's only for a year or two. Richie Sexson turned out to be a failure, there are talks of trading Ichiro mid-season, and they lost Raul Ibanez in the off-season. Unless they are able to beat out the Braves for Jr's services, Seattle will once again finish, undoubtedly, at the bottom of the AL West. I'm sure they are going to finish there anyway, but they at least could stand to pack a few more butts in seats in the process, and Griffey will help them do that. Or, at least finally sell out the right field porch seats. Not the dumb bleachers in left, but the sun-in-your-eyes-can't-see-the-game seats in right field that Griffey would be hitting balls into. Haha, I said balls.

#TR10 Jackie Robinson Turkey Red

I'm a fan of the Turkey Red cards, but not a fan of the Turkey Red cards featuring old time players. Isn't the point of these cards to make current players look old timey? So, doesn't it defeat the purpose of putting old timey guys on these cards? 

#155 Roy Halladay
#122 Joe Mather
#131 Joe Torre (sans booksigning photo)
#76 Marcus "The River" Thames
#84 Rod Barajas
#112 Hideki Okajima


Motherscratcher said...

Opening 2 packs and getting 2 Longorias and a Braun is not too shabby. Braun looks like someone in that card. I'm not sure who, but someone. I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

Oh yeah, I'm a little confused as to why you would just gloss over the Jason Michaels pull with barely a mention. Seriously, the guy is probably the best player to split the year between Cleveland and Pittsburgh last year. Probably.

Canucklehead said...

I as well have a mancrush on Braun, and Fielder!