Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cards from Grandma #1

It was recently mentioned by my wife, in speaking with her grandparents, that I collect baseball cards and write a little blog about them and other ramblings regarding the Brewers and baseball. Well, it just so happens that her grandmother came across a whole mess of cards...a "gaggle", if I may quote her directly. So, she sent some of them my way (over 3,000 miles across the country) and I wanted to share some with you.

Folks that aren't very familiar with baseball cards can't really tell you a lot about the ones they have - teams, brands, even years are tough to get out of them. But free cards are free cards, and so even though they aren't as "vintage" as I had hoped (why she had a bunch of early 90's cards I'll never know) they will make for some good trade material and add to the collection.

1994 Fleer Pro-Visions #6 Juan Gonzalez

I was watching the Nolan Ryan No-Hitter #7 game on MLB Network a few days ago, and a young 21-year old slugger named Juan Gonzalez was blowing the Rangers fans away with his active bat and feel for the game. What Juan Gonzalez and the "Yellow Brick Road" have in common, I'll never know. Maybe I'm missing something here. I get the cattle brand, I get the guys on horses crossing the small fir-covered plains, but the Wizard of Oz reference is over my head.

1984 Ralston Purina #1 Eddie Murray

Now, the 1860's Conan O'Brian mustache I can appreciate. I love it, and just told my brother to shave his "greater chin area" so as to leave the "Casey Jones", as I like to call it.  This photo shoot was a bit impromtu, I'm sure.

Eddie Murray: Shoot, brotha. That practice was rough, doesn't he know this is spring training? This Miami heat is getting to me.

Floyd "Honey Bear" Rayford: Dig this - I know this hot spot on the beach we can suck down some cold ones and watch the ladies.

Murray: I can dig that. Let's go - hold up. We'll take my DeVille. 

Honey Bear: You got a DeVille? Dang, that just came out! How'd you get one?

Murray: Shoot, I'm Eddie muthaf****** Murray. They just SENT me one.

(enter photographer)

Photographer: Excuse me, um, Mr. Murray? Do you have time for a photo? It's for a baseball card.

Murray: What company?  Topps? Man, so many damn companies. I thought I already done the Topps and Donruss shoot.

Photographer: Well, it's for the new Ralston Purina cards.

Honey Bear:  Like the dog food? Shoot, since when dogs start collecting cards? My damn dog just sit there licking his self. He don't know sh*t bout cards.

Murray: I can dig that. But you late - I already showered myself, we bout to jet downtown and watch some beautiful ladies on the beach. Sorry brotha.

Photographer: Well, I have this jersey here, and here, take this cap. Just throw it on real quick and we'll be done. 

Murray: On top of my shirt? Man, that ain't cool brotha.

Honey Bear: Come on man, let's do this sh*t, I'm gettin thirsty. Damn.

Murray: Alright, give me the damn jersey.  Hold up, take it from the right. Get my good side. Sh*t.

1993 Score #324 Brewers Checklist

Good 'ol County Stadium. Or is it Cleveland Municipal Stadium. I get confused sometimes.  Let's focus on the important thing though: the wholesome, family-oriented midwest folks that filled the seats here at County Stadium wanted their advertising to be wholesome, just like them. Marlboro and Miller Lite. It doesn't get much more classic than that.

1993 Leaf Studio #110 Bo Jackson

Bo knows baseball. Bo knows football. And according to the back of the card, he also knows fishing, hunting, and flying. He would have been an F-15 pilot had he not been an athlete. And his pet peeve? Racism.

1986 Topps Glossy Send-In #11 Darryl Strawberry

He played semi-pro ball in St. Paul, MN for the "St Paul Saints". We played our high school football games at the same stadium the Saints called home.  Good story, Dubbs. Thanks for sharing. Oh ya? Well, at least I didn't make a cocaine joke. That's just not called for. 

1994 Topps #80 Jose Canseco

I can go a number of different ways with this one. Maybe it's the fact that he looks moody and angry. Maybe it's the fact that he's sitting alone. Maybe he was able to see what the '94 Topps cards were going to look like before they were released. Absolutely ridiculous. I hate this set, even more than the '91 Topps.  Or, maybe he's wishing even slightly resembled this piece of lumber. Ah, the joys of steroids.  


dinged corners said...

Is gaggle metric?

Are those bat shavings on the floor in front of Canseco?

night owl said...

The future commissioner of baseball:

Dubbs said...

Editor's Note: Gaggle was not the unit of measure used. Said wife informs me that the unit used in measuring said aforementioned baseball cards was "oodles". Which is, indeed, a metric unit.

Bay Rat North West said...

I wish I could grow the never ending sideburns like Eddie.
Then I would have oodles of the ladies.