Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TTM Dave Bush

As of late, I find myself being reminded by fellow bloggers (Motherscratcher, and Patricia & Lucy) that the season is young. Some players just have slow starts, that's all. Perhaps these souls are correct, and things will turn around for the Brew Crew. A 4-9 start isn't what I had in mind, but then again, how a season starts most often has no bearing on how it will finish. At this point in the season in 1987, Milwaukee had just been handed it's first loss. Their record on Earth Day that year was 13-1. Two weeks later, they would begin a streak of 12 straight losses. They failed to make the playoffs that year.

Words of encouragement seem to mean a lot more coming from a Cleveland Indians fan, for surely they would know about patience and such. I know of a dentist in Ohio who must be the most patient of baseball fans.

As bad as the Brewers are playing right now, one thing hasn't changed about my outlook on the game: the cards. In fact, even though Milwaukee can't pitch their way out of a wet paper bag, new cards continue to come out, which means more Ryan Braun cards for me to get my hands on. And this I like.

I also like it when CURRENT PLAYERS send back the cards I sent them at the beginning of Spring Training. Today's TTM auto is from Brewers pitcher Dave Bush, whose slow start this season just means that he's wearing a Brewers uniform. Bushy has been Milwaukee's most consistent pitcher over the last 3 seasons, averaging 12 wins per. Of course these stats should mean very little to someone whose team doesn't call the smallest media market in all of baseball home, but to a Brewers fan this means a lot.
Now, if only I had sent a note with the letter I DID send with the card, reminding Bushy to allow the ink to dry before placing the card back in the sleeve. Dammit.
Go Crew.


Rod said...

After having a player sign the sleeve with out ever taking the card out,I have decided to stop putting them in sleeves.

night owl said...

I've seen the sleeve horror stories. So with my very limited TTM tries, I've stopped putting cards in sleeves as well.