Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Generosity of Dinged Corners

Our favorite desert baseball flowers from Dinged Corners were kind enough to think of me when they came across some Brewers cards in a recent '09 Topps Heritage purchase they made. Well, the first one I kind of asked for - but along with that, they included three other cards of beautiful wonderment. Thanks to Patricia and Lucy for these!

2009 Topps Heritage #121 Angel Salome RC
I have said before that I like the 1960 choice for Topps Heritage this year, but the orange of this card really bothers me. And not "bothers me" as in a good "bothers me", but a sort of nagging annoyance, kind of like the thumping bass of some kid's little honda down the street. You can't hear the music, but you can hear this faint, annoying bass thump. It's kind of like that. But this card is beautiful, what with the pint-sized Catcher showing his best...in a still photo. Anyhow, he's third in line to take over the catching job in Milwaukee whenever Jason Kendall decides to hang 'em up. I have a feeling this guy will be ahead of Wisconsin native Vinny Rottino, though, should he stay healthy.

2009 Topps Heritage #NAP10 Ryan Braun
Not only a great Brewers card, but also a card I can take off my Ryan Braun wantlist now. Good stuff, here. Last night he had another homer in our 10-5 victory over the Pirates. He's also the newest member of the Pawtucket Patriots fantasy baseball club. I had to trade catcher Joe Mauer to get him, but with Mauer still on the DL and my other catcher Jason Veritek at least holding his own in points, I thought it a smart move.

2008 Bowman Chrome First #BCP38 Mike Brantley

So, you've heard about that "player to be named later", haven't you? Well, here he is folks. Mr. Michael Brantley. In last year's trade between the Brewers and the Tribe that sent CC Sabathia to Milwaukee, the main player sent to Cleveland was Brewers top prospect Matt LaPorta. Also were a couple other prospects, and then in October Mike Brantley was named as the final piece of the trade. He's a hell of a ball player, and I'm sure he'll be seeing some time w/ the Tribe soon. Right now's he's up in AAA Columbus, and not on the 40-man roster for the big league club. Give it time, kiddo.

1991 O-Pee-Chee Premier #131 Robin Yount

In the Yount binder already, but what a great card. In 1991 (photo most likely from 1990) Yount had already been in the majors for 16 seasons, but look at that quick first step...he had that until he played his final game. God blessed him with great health, and he worked hard to stay in shape (enter enhibit A, his forearms). And everyone enjoys a great Canadian card every once in a while. Haha, Yount is a voltigeur.

Thanks again for the fine cards, gals.

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dinged corners said...

Dear Mr. Cheese and Beer,
I'm glad you enjoyed your cards.I'll look for more Brewers for you.Thank you so much for the lovely title the dinged corners desert flowers.

Take care!


PS This from Patricia. Lucy now types better than I do, especially on weird ergonomic keyboards.