Monday, April 27, 2009

Stephen Drew...Fantasy Nightmare

A-Rod is still not healthy, and occupying a nice spot on my DL. My #1 overall pick of the draft hasn't played a game yet. Rather than spend 2 early picks on the left side of my infield, I waited until later to get a SS/3B that would fill the roster until A-Rod returned. That pick was the 84th overall selection...Arizona shortstop Stephen Drew.

He was placed on the DL yesterday, retroactive to Saturday. Why the D-backs waited so long to do so baffles me - and pisses me off as well. In the only 9 trips he made to the plate last week (not playing because he was injured...but of course NOT on the DL) he managed 1 hit, and scored me only 3 points.

Now, the reason I need A-Rod back is not only the points he will earn, but his starting spot is 3rd base - which means I can then move Brandon Inge to Catcher (yes, he's also a catcher) and finally get Veritek on the friggin bench. My #5 overall pick of the draft was Twins C Joe Mauer - also still on the DL. Sonofa.

I'm not a member of the Blogger fantasy league, but I do like that they have uniforms and such. I think I'll work on those today, it's a slow monday at work.

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