Friday, April 24, 2009

Dental Hot Dam(n)!

I of course am referring to our resident dental expert, Motherscratcher from Achiever Card Blog. I am also making a reference to the movie "Knocked Up", when Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl (mmmm) are talking about how she could have become pregnant...hilarious. Anyways, I'll try to keep this at least PG-13. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ask your parents.

Motherscratcher and myself have a bit of a love-hate relationship. I love Craig Counsell, and he hates all things Counsell. He is absolutely justified in his feelings - however misdirected they may be. I told him to hate Edgar Renteria instead, Counsell was merely the winning run, not the walk-off hitter. Oh well. So you see, it's love hate.

I recently read his post that addressed why one should post an "appreciation" write-up immediately after receiving a brick of cards from someone, not a couple months later. I chose the later, posting this nearly 2 months after receiving his cards. See man, I do appreciate it! Thanks again Motherscratcher, D.D.S. - man, that's a great title for an early 90's sitcom. Screw NPH, I want Kramer!
Ryan Braun, 2008 UD Heroes #97 (307/399)
Awesome card here. This is a curious set for me. I purchased a couple blasters of it earlier this year at a discounted price from the local K-mart. I guess sometimes my dedication to the craft is less than perfect - this is a prime example. I reallized that there are a number of different variations (blue, aqua, red, purple, charcoal, etc) and I didn't want to start collecting the Brauns until I had received one from someone. This started the ball rolling. I'm bidding on the rest on eBay right now. Help me out a bit, if you have any of the other colors, let me know!

'98 Score Select #22 Robin Yount, #42 Paul Molitor

This Yount is one of only 3 Younts that I don't have (in the base set 1975-1994 Yount binder) so first of all, KICK ASS! Now I just need the '93 Flair Yount, and of course, the big Kahuna, 1975 Topps Yount RC. I have been waiting to buy his rookie card because it will be a big celebration for me, completing the "major sets base card Yount set". Of course, all the oddballs like the '94 Tombstone Pizza card or the '76 Hostess panel will keep me working at this forever, not to mention all the posthumous Yount cards that Upper Deck and SP feel the need to make year after year.

1988 Fleer #171 Dan Plesac, 2004 Topps Cracker Jack #162 Wes Helms

What can I say that hasn't been said about Plesac already? It's all been said. I think for some reason, people fail to look past his semi-respectable career stats and into the hearts of Brewers fans - which, thanks to Dan, are still scarred from the games he absolutely boned. In my home growing up, his name was the ONLY name that was never uttered without the preamble of "Dammit!!". Does that make sense? "Dammit, Plesac!". Okay. But seriously, this is a neat card because it's in the category of "American League pitchers holding a bat" cards, which I always enjoy coming across. Those oh-so-clever photogs, man.

The Helms card is my first Brewers Cracker Jack card. Never was a big Wes Helms fan, of course it's hard to cheer for a guy who gives himself a major knee injury during a rain delay. No kidding.

1987 Donruss #486 Bill Schroeder

Aside from San Diego's Mark Grant, "Rock" is possibly the best color commentary guy in baseball. His years of actually usefull experience in the game really add to it, as he not only shares funny stories, but the ins, the outs, and the what have you's of dugout and clubhouse life. The Brewers FSN broadcast each game has a segment called "Tavern of the Game", which of course is sponsored by the Tavern League of Wisconsin. If they are selected during the broadcast, they have until the following morning (because when you're drinking at a bar during a Brewers game, nobody remembers to call in that night) to call in and claim their 30 or 40 free Brewers tickets. Anyhow, Rock seems to have been to every one of the bars that win this contest. A couple days ago the winning bar was "UpChucks" in Arcadia, WI. Good stuff. Rock had fun with that one.

1983 Topps #424 Jerry Augustine
Another former Brewers player that is part of the television broadcast team now. "Auggie" takes the place that Jeff Cirillo had in the studio last year. Even though I live about 1,750 miles from where I grew up, I always feel like I'm at home whenever they put Auggie on the screen. The guys sounds just like everyone I grew up around. I'll attempt to give you an example, bear with me. Here's what it sounds like : "So da Brewers should have da win tanite if dey can close er out wit Coffey an dem." Here's what that means in English: "So, the Brewers should have the win tonight they can close out the ballgame with Coffey and the rest of the bullpen". I love that this guy is on primetime television.
1992 Topps Stadium Club #502 Jim Gantner

I didn't have this card either, so that's the first plus. The second thing I like about this card is how it ties together two different generations of Brewers, in TWO different ways! Stay with me now as I try to explain. You see, Jim Gantner played for Milwaukee for the entirety of his 12 year career. He now manages the Wisconsin Woodchucks of the Northwoods League (an NCAA summer league) in Wausau, Wisconsin. That's the first part. The second "tie" in this card is the first baseman - Cecil Fielder. He of course is the father of current Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder. Nice. I showed this card to my wife, asking her what was so special about it. She said "Oh wow, that's Fatty's dad playing first base!". Yes sweetheart, it is in fact Fatty's dad.

1979 Topps #596 Jim Wohlford

Jim only played for Milwaukee for 3 seasons, and was never what you would call an "All-Star", but he had a great glove - so I'm told. I don't remember him, too young you see. What I do know about him, and what most people don't know about him, is he came up with one of the most famous baseball one-liners of all time - one that is often attributed to Yogi Berra. He was the one who originally said "Ninety percent of this game is half-mental". Sounds just like something Yogi would say, so I understand the confusion. Nice card.

Ernie Riles (1988 Fleer #172, 1988 Donruss #478)

There's a guy who plays for San Francisco right now, Eugenio Valez, who looks just like Riles. I swear, the first time I saw him (last year during a Giants/Brewers game) I thought it WAS Riles. Valez is 6'1'', and only runs about 160 lbs. That's probably when he's soaking wet, with rocks in his pockets. Ernie Riles suffered way too many injuries, but in '85 he finished 3rd in Rookie of the Year voting, behind Ozzie Guillen and Teddy Higuera. That's heavy company man.

Ned Yost (2006 Upper Deck #1113, 1982 Topps #542)

He even looked like a douchebag in 1982.

1993 Upper Deck Teammates #43 - Paul Molitor, Pat Listach, Robin Yount

Ah, yes. Brew Crew. This card will always be one of my all-time favorite Brewers cards. It is the old guard, and what was at one time the promising new guard - in Pat Listach. He won the '92 AL Rookie of the Year, but only played for 6 seasons in baseball. Last year he managed AAA-Iowa for the f*ckin baby bears organization, but I am pleased to say that this year he is the third base coach for the Washington Nationals. Hells ya, welcome back Pat.

Check out the folks at the game who are forever immortalized in cardboard...

Finally, I want to close this "Thank You" post with a tribute to Motherscratcher, and his appreciation for the Subhelmet Hat Alliance. I give you Mr. Dion James.


Captain Canuck said...

little known fact... Jim Wohlford was actually the inspiration for Mr. Burns.
True story.

Motherscratcher said...

Damn Dubbs, I go out of town for a few days and I miss this post. You've been busy.

It's not that my hate is misdirected. I hate BOTH Counsell and Renteria, almost as much as I hate Jose Mesa.

Great Augustine accent. I can hear it in my head. I always thought it would be great to put accents in the wrong spots. Like a Boston Accent in Minnesota. And a New Jersey accent in Texas, and So on. I'd feel bad for whoever got the Cleveland guy. We don't have accents here.

I can definately see Mr Burns in Wohlford. I remember laughing at that card when I packed it up. I don't know if Captain Canada is full of crap or not, but I can see it.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is 5 years old, but the man in the white hat "immortalized" in the card is my dad! He has it framed on his mantlepiece as I write this.