Friday, April 3, 2009

Chicken Runs at Midnight

I first heard the story of "Chicken Runs at Midnight" from two folks at Church one night. My wife and I go to a class on Thursday nights at church, and one week I wore my "Brewers" batting practice jacket - I think it must have been around the start of Spring Training. One older couple in the room said "Milwaukee, huh? Well, we lived in Arizona for a time and became fans of the Diamondbacks, and especially of Craig Counsell". I said "Sure, I love Craigers. He plays for the Brew Crew now, what a great ballplayer". The older woman asked me "So, have you heard the story of him, and 'Chicken Runs at Midnight?'"

No sooner had we arrived at home after class that night was I online looking up the story. Here's the best account I can find of it. Go ahead and read it, then come back. You'll thank me.

This is only the second "current-Brewer" card to come back from Spring Training this year - the first one being pitcher Manny Parra. I love this card, probably my favorite of all the '09 Topps base set Brewers cards - Mike Cameron's card is pretty cool, too. Not the "Braun" card though...quite possibly, the laziest card in baseball. Anyways, the Brewers broke camp yesterday, playing their final home game before two more road games against the Dodgers. Then it's off to San Francisco for the season opener next Wednesday.

Most of the ballplayers sign all the TTM autograph requests sent to them at once, and at the very end of Spring Training. The coaches usually send them back to you a bit earlier in the Spring. I haven't heard anything back from the Brewers' minor league camp, though, including AAA and AA guys who worked out w/ the big league club this spring but actually have 2009 baseball cards.

So Craig Counsell - I think of him, and I think of clutch hitting. Not necessarily Manny or Big Papi power clutch hitting, but a guy who can get the nod from the manager in the bottom of the ninth, take the plate with the bases juiced and 2 outs, and plate a run or two. This year, he's abandoned his trademark "hands so high in the air holding the bat" batting stance. His batting average this spring, as a result, has gone up. He will be playing, however, with some pain in his knee, as he recently turned down the option for surgery to repair a damaged meniscus. Here's hoping he stays healthy, and can be the go-to guy for 3B or SS backup once again this season.


Rod said...

Dubbs, I have some Brewers cards that need a new home. Great story also, I got goose bumps about the Chicken running at Midnight. Please send me your address at

gcrl said...

too bad he stunk as a dodger.

Motherscratcher said...

Dammit Dubbs. For the last 12 years of my life I've hate Counsell with every fiber of my being. Just hearing his name makes me feel like puking and crying at the same time.

Now what the hell am I supposed to do?