Monday, April 27, 2009

Fantasy Baseball: Pawtucket Patriots

My 2009 Fantasy Baseball team is the "Pawtucket Patriots", lovingly named of course after the fictional beer in the show "Family Guy". I hate the real Patriots, and most things New England, but I thought this was my most clever name for a fantasy team yet.

Anyhow, as the league manager it of course makes all the sense in the world that the lottery for the draft day position would deliver me the #8 of 8 teams. Glorious. My team isn't too bad, though.

Here are the inaugural season uniforms of the Pawtucket Patriots, with home, road, and home alternate uniforms included.

I have also gotten a hold of the starting lineup sheet for tonight's (this week's) matchup against The Red Hots. To my advantage, The Red Hots are surprisingly not starting anyone at 3rd base this week...which should help. Truth be told, last week I played the Remington Rebels (who themselves decided not to start a second baseman, and they still beat me). After that, I had to make a few roster changes. Here's tonight's lineup...

Tonight's game is brought to you in part by Pawtucket Patriot Ale.

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Anonymous said...

pawtucket is an actual city in rhode island. my hometown actually...