Saturday, March 21, 2009

S-V-E-U-M, spoken "Swaim"

Last year he came up huge for Milwaukee. Not only was he the most agressive 3rd base coach in the entire National League (I'm sure that's not a defendable stat, but I think he was) but he also filled in as "interim manager" to finish out the season after Milwaukee management FINALLY fired Ned Yost.

This year Dale is still coaching with the Brewers, but taking on a different role. Instead of doing the "roundhouse" with his left arm (perhaps being the ONLY person alive who can get Prince Fielder to home plate all the way from first base) he'll be showing the Brewers players a more efficient way of hitting. Last year they collectively hit .253 as a team. I'm thinking, one can most likely only go up from there. And just in case you had no idea how poorly they hit last year, I'll indulge you a bit more - a total of 1,203 strikeouts as a team. That's nearly 7.5 strikouts per nine innings. Yuck.

Anyhow, hopefully Dale can help us turn that around. Thanks for the autos!


tGP said...

Uhh, yeah, they ranked a solid 5th in the NL in slugging, and a respectable 10th in OBP, and had a team OPS+ of 103, which is a tiny bit better than average, so they could definitely improve, but I definitely would not call that poor hitting.

Dubbs said...

Those are some great stats, thanks for finding those. I guess to me the important thing (poor hitting) was the September/October hitting. That's where we needed improvement, perhaps should have made that clearer.