Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yesterday's mail run yielded wonderful results - and if you read my "Top 30" post yesterday in which I ranked the Major League Baseball teams in order of my preference - you can now see why I moved the Houston Astros from their #15 ranking in 2008 up to #11...two beautiful, personalized autographs from their skipper, a one Cecil Cooper.

1984 Topps #420 Cecil Cooper

2004 UD Legends Timeless Teams #208  Cecil Cooper

"Phil - Best Wishes, Cecil Cooper". I suppose personalizing an autograph request performs two functions. On one hand, it sends the fan a much more special autographed card that they will surely hold on to for life. On the other hand, it assures the player that the card will most likely not be sold on eBay for a sick profit.

I could care less about the reason these two cards have both my name and Cecil Cooper's name on them - to me, they are a kind gesture by one of the greatest players to wear a Brewers uniform, and will surely be a part of mine, and my future childrens' baseball card collection for years to come. Thanks so much, Coop.


Motherscratcher said...

Cool. I would always prefer a personalized auto.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Personalized are the bestest. :)

The Corey Hart black parallel and Prince are officially set aside for you.