Monday, March 23, 2009

Bar's over there!

Turns out, if you want a Caucasian, you have to fix it yourself.

That goes for blog posts, too. If you want to share your thoughts on baseball and the world, you have to sit down, research a post (or form some sort of stream-of-consciousness in your mind) and actually write away.

A certain "The Big Lebowski Card Fest" has gotten the best of my attention recently, along with a combination of college basketball, dinner parties with other couples "of like interest", and the return of Nascar after a week off. You can actually see the fruits of my only recent labors here, my most recent submissions for the Big Lebowski card set.

I promise, tomorrow I shall take some time and get back to postin' again. I have received gracious trades (literally, bricks of cards) from Johnny, Nightowlcards, and the one and only Motherscratcher (he's a good man, and thorough). I will be playing catchup for a while, but will get around to thanking everyone in a proper way by getting up some trade appreciation posts soon. For now, I'll leave you with a former member of the Brew Crew, a one Ray Searage. Perhaps he has a permit to carry a marmot on his face, perhaps not. At any rate, nice marmot.

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