Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Big Lebowski Set (my 3rd submission, man)

These days at work I find myself with a bit more time to waste, and an even bigger bit of time to waste on, as I explain to my coworkers, "Making fake Big Lebowski baseball cards from real baseball cards". "But 'Lebowski' was a movie, what does that have to do with baseball?"

Exactly. Here's round three of my cards.

1988 Topps #01 "Turn Back the Clock" Fawn Knudson

I think I have 20 of the Jim Rice cards like this, but the colors for the Nolan Ryan card were better to use. Here we see Fawn - aka Bunny Lebowski, aka Bunny Lajoya - as a cheerleader in her hometown of Moorehead, MN. Her parents have hired a private investigator to help track her down. She owes money all of over town, apparently...

1990 Topps #02 Malibu Police Chief

The police chief in the quiet beach community of Malibu, CA doesn't want The Dude suckin around or bothering the local citizens. Nor does he want his jerk-off face or behavior around his parts. Jerk off.

2008 Upper Deck Timelines #01 Autobahn Movie-used LP relic

Not only is this relic card of the actual LP from the movie, but it has a little bit of of the label sticker on it too, making it exremely rare. Translated from German to English, the album title means "Nail Bed", or more closely from the Swedish, "Nail Bite". Uli Kunkel's mucical career never really took off.

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beardy said...

Those are awesome. There are about to be 2 Autobahn, but they're Nihilists, so I doubt they'll care.