Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life Before The Strike #12

I found myself in "the stacks" of my local card shop again today, and wanted to share with you two of my finds. I had a few goals today:

1. Complete the '82 Topps Brewers team set
2. ATTEMPT to complete the '76 Topps 'Big Red Machine' team set
3. Find a Bob Uecker card. Not cheating (aka from the internet) but in an actual card shop

I was *mostly* successful with goal #1. I found the Rollie Fingers and Ned Yost cards I needed, but still haven't come across the '82 Topps Traded #89 Rob Picciolo. It's on eBay right now for a whopping $1.16, maybe I should just buy it...we'll see. That's the final card I need.

I found a few more of the '76 Reds players, including the two traded cards I needed, #208T Mike Lum, and #338T Bob Bailey. Now, another decision to be out the $ for the Johnny Bench card, #300. We'll see about that as well.

So, here is the find of the day...a 1967 Topps Bob Uecker. Not in excellent condition to say the least, 3 of 4 rounded corners, a weird white line on his face, and a cool little stain on the back...I'm telling myself it's a drop of '67 Schlitz, but I doubt it. was the only Uecker card in the entire shop, and a great addition to the collection. After all, Uecker himself claims that he led the league in "Go Get 'Em".
And the other find of the day...actually, it was an impulse buy that literally doubled the grand total price of my purchase from the day, but seeing as how it's a neat find, I had to buy it...

1979 O-P-Chee #8 Paul Molitor
I have the 1979 Topps Molitor, but when I saw the mirror O-P-Chee card I had to have it. I love these cards because they help with the education...I learned some more French today. On the back, it told me that Paulie is an "Arret-court"...which is french canuck for shortstop. COOL!

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deal said...

I have been looking for that Uecker Card for a while. It is most likely the only one ever offered of him as a Phillie.

Anytime I see it on ebay it is way more then I am interested in paying especially after you factor in shipping.