Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding and Honeymoon

My recent lapse in writing has been for a very good reason: this past Saturday I married the love of my life, Constance Ann, in Charleston SC. We are in Asheville, NC this week enjoying married life during our honeymoon up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We've rented an absolutely enormous cabin in the mountains, and thanks to the recent gas shortage in the Asheville area, are making the most of it.

More news, updates, opinions, and of course Wisconsin sports news to come when I return to Seattle next week.

Okay, a little sports...I can't help it. The NL playoff race is in full swing, and extremely hot. With 5 games to play, the Brewers trail the Mets by 1 game for the Wild Card, while the Mets trail the Phils by 1.5 games for the NL, let's all pray for some Mets and Phils losses this week. I'm not saying I want the Cubs to BEAT the Mets, I just want the Mets to lose. But after last night's game, it looks as if the Cubs are doing all they can to keep the Brewers from making their first post season since 1982. Damn Cubs!

Adding to all of this, I promised the wife I'd not watch ANY baseball during the honeymoon...dammit. The Brewers/Cubs series is this weekend to wrap up the season...

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