Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Give You...2009 Topps Series 1

I was going to wait for another week before did a 2009 Topps post, because my hobby box will arrive here a week from Monday or so, but today as my wife and I were shopping at Target the card section caught my eye as usual (they have this evil strategy about putting them near the checkout, and so baseball cards have become to me what the Snickers, Pepsi and tabloid magazines are to the overweight middle-aged woman going home to discuss Brangelina with her cats).  And so the first pack of the 2009 season has made its way into my living room, as we are only 13 days from pitchers and catchers reporting to Phoenix for Brewers camp...I give you the first pack of 2009 Topps.

#TTT14 CC Sabathia

Alright, I know it's not an official "card", but I had to introduce this beautiful Sabathia because it's currently the only 2009 Brewers card I own (until that hobby box gets here).  As a fool I attempted to throw this card into my binder at and got this when I entered the code...

Damn you, Topps! You're killing me! Raining on my happy little baseball card parade, how dare you!  Maybe I'll be able to...okay I'm over it.

#41 Mike Mussina

Is it just me, or did I miss something here? I'm pretty sure he retired. Let me google this really quick, hold on a sec...........yep, November 20th of last year he announced it. In a press conference. In public. There were pictures taken, I have proof!  Thanks Topps. 

#290 Albert Pujols

Love this photo, I guess Albert took a page from Bill Buckner's book of playing first base (although an injured Buckner shouldn't have been on the field during that infamous world series game in 1986).  Let's zoom in a little bit...

Nice! I feel like I'm a part of the action. I say no more to your silly Spring Training photos, clearly staged with bat resting neatly on the shoulder. Give me your tongues hanging out, and your, um...

...obtuse-angle shaped protective cups?

#100 David Wright
#164 Bob Geren (I love the Manager card)
#2 Omar Vizquel (as a SF Giant, though he just signed a minor league deal w/ the Rangers)
#323 Vicente Padilla

#TR4 Alex Rios

(Target-exclusive insert)

#57 Jo-Jo Reyes
#199 Ramon Castro
#166 Jeff Baker

#330 Daisuke Matsuzaka

All in all, not a bad pack, I guess I just wanted to snag some 2009 cards in hopes of getting a Brewer or two to hold in my death-grip clutches until that box arrives in a week or so. 

But did they really need to put A-Rod on the packaging for series 1? How about some real inspiration for the kiddies, like Josh Hamilton or something. That guy's got a helluva story to tell, and one that many should hear.  


Motherscratcher said...

I'm going to target tomorrow. Can't wait to open some of this.

This isn't the first time I've seen Pujols in that pose. Why is it that Topps can't seem to get enough of Albert's junk? It's just bizarre.

Oh, and, CC is looking good. He's in fantastic shape. That's definately the body of a man who should get $160 mil over 8 years. What could possibly go wrong?

Code word: gelin (like a felon)

Motherscratcher said...

Oh yeah, I got so distracted by Albert's package that I forgot to thank you for your package. I got it yesterday. Seriously awesome. There will be posts up about it shortly (shortly means 3 months in my world).

Really, thanks. The cards are great.

Dubbs said...

Haha, right on Mother. Glad the cards got there safely. Let's just call it one guy doin' another guy a solid.