Wednesday, January 14, 2009

9 for 9 in '09

We're only 30 days away from the greatest day of the year. Personally, this year's anticipation of Spring Training is unrivaled in its scope and magnitude. Last season, the Brewers made the playoffs for the first time since 1982, despite Eric Gagne's best efforts to give the NL Wild Card to the NY Mets. Along with the dawning of a new baseball season, we are only weeks away from a new season's worth of baseball cards. It's in the spirit of the 2009 round of card collecting that I start off the year with my first card contest, "9 for 9 in '09". Here's how this is going to work...
You select 9 Brewers cards from your collection...past, present, and "future stars". Get them into a bubble mailer, and send them my way. In return, I will send 9 cards of your favorite team your sure to indicate your favorite team in your comment. It's that simple! Of course, this is a contest so we're going to slap on some points to the Brewers cards you send. The point breakdown will go like this:

- 1 point for each "past" player
- 3 points for each "present" player
- 2 point for each "future star" player
- 5 points for no dupes in your set
- 5 points for each non-standard card
- 1 point for each non- '87-'89 Topps card
- 1 point for each card not currently in my collection
- 20 points for going "9 for 9" - all 9 cards form a complete team, pitcher through right field.
There are a couple rules, as well. The photo must be a player in a BREWERS UNIFORM or associated Minor League affiliate club uniform (Helena, Brevard Cty, WV, Huntsville, Nashville).

Let's start off with an example...

1989 Score #625 Gary Sheffield

Here's a card I don't have, so this will be a good example. (1) Past Player (5) Non-standard card (1) Not '87-'89 Topps (1) Not in my collection. Alone, this card is worth 8 pts, not a bad start!

So, how can you enter this super cool contest? Why, follow these easy steps!

1. Leave a comment on this post with your name and favorite team.

2. Send an email to, including your name, mailing address, and favorite team. I'll reply to you with instructions on where to mail the cards.

3. Send off your cards!

All entries posted before 13 February will be entered in the contest and eligible for the grand prize, which will be announced at that time.

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