Friday, May 1, 2009

2006 Tristar Prospect Plus #81 Ryan Braun

Oh no, not again!

Nope, not again. One quick look at the back of this card will reveal a hidden gem. A diamond in a pile of coal.

I hope the person that did this didn't lose their job. Well, at least two people saw this before it hit the shelves - the designer and the editor, and I'm sure more were in the line of people who see a baseball card before it gets the "good-to-go" stamp of approval.

The problem with this beauty, is I really don't know whose card this is, Ryan Z. Braun or Ryan J. Braun? Z's picture is on the front, as well as his team's logo on the back. But my Brew Crew Braun is pictured on the back, not to mention his stats are the ones listed as well.

So which is it, Z or J?

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Motherscratcher said...

My guess is that it's supposed to be Ryan Braun's card (THE Ryan Braun) because of the stats on the back. Someone mistakenly put Aftab's picture on the front. I'll bet there's another Aftab McGoo card in the set with his stats on the back.