Monday, February 11, 2008

1987 Topps Wantlist

1987 Topps

UPDATED 3/13/09

- 303, 700, 708

Editor's Notes:

(2/19/09) - 10 cards closer thanks to Ryan at I Heart Halos. Thanks!

(2/20/09) - 47 cards closer thanks to steveisjewish over at The Easy Life.

(3/12/09) - A whopping 189 cards gone thanks to Johnny from Kentucky. Thank you!

(3/13/09) - 3 of the 6 remaining cards crossed off the list compliments once again of steveisjewish


Dubbs said...

10 Cards closer thanks to Ryan over at I Heart Halos. Thanks!

Dubbs said...

47 more cards knocked off the list thanks to steveisjewish, including the elusive #1 Roger Clemens '86 Record Breaker, #420 a very young Will Clark, and #450 Kirby Puckett.

murphy70 said...

I should be able to help you here in Brewer land (Madison) I check through your list later tonight when I get home from work. Let me know what you need from your 1989 Topps set also, I have a ton of cards.