Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back in Chucktown

Greetings once again! It's been a long hiatus - a few weeks, from my estimation, and just a little update from the South. My wife and I have arrived at our destination in Charleston, SC and are settling in nicely. Job interviews are going on, one quite promising, as I have been notified that they want me back for a second interview. I'll post any updates on that front as soon as I find out more.

We left Seattle on the 19th of May, and stayed in Wisconsin to visit my family for about a week. While there, I was able to get together all the cards I'd collected as a youngster, and now have a couple more containers full of cards ready to be sorted. I even found my treasured "binder" - you know the one. Full of all the "best" cards from packs and trades as a kid. Those will be posting sometime in the future, from time to time, as time allows. There sure is a lot to go through.

We arrived here in Charleston last Thursday, and tonight we finally have the opportunity to go to a Charleston Riverdogs game. They are a minor league affiliate of the Yankees (booooo) but have the southern charm and sort of "Bull Durham"-esque air about them. From the stadium, to the fans, to the players, it's definitely a club that has very little to do with their Bronx parents.

Tonight's game is against the Rome Braves, and it should be a blast. When I was stationed down here from 2003-2007 I attended quite a few games, and am looking forward to continuing that wonderful tradition.